Welcome to My Website

Welcome to My Website!


About Me...

  1. emo stuff {rawr XD}
  2. birds
  3. ur mom lol

i like birds

I saw a pretty heron at the creek one day and now I made a page for it, yeah. Heres a link if you have no idea what a heron is

the heron i saw at the creek color costomizer heron stock image of a heron heron with no color costomizer drawing of heron Amazon.com : Blue Heron Decoy with Legs heron eating gopher Great Blue Heron Swallowing A Very Large Catfish Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Blue Heron Decoy

Songs and stuff

We Like To Eat Children by Patron Saint of Plagues

I´ll Break Your Arm by The Brobecks

Diane Young by Vampire Weekend

Corpse Party by L'eequistite Douluer


Status Reports

4/11/21 LITRERATRLY WHAT?!?! i have not updated this in a very very long time. Happy Khanukkah, Merry chrysanthemum, Happy new year,Happy MLK day,Happy Valentines Day, Unhappy Presidents Day, Happy St. Patricks day, and most recently, Khag Pesakh Sameakh. So thats all the holidays i rememeber and they are in chronological order so yeah. AND THE BIRD IS JUST A GREAT BLUE HERON!

11/29/20 asdfghjkl It HAS BEEEn more than a month since i updated this oof.

10/19/20 ok its been a little bit since ive been on here but yeah i still havent checked the bird book and i havnt seen that heron again but i made some plans with my friends for halloween, I want to be a vampire but my mom wont let me get vampire fangs. Its starting to get cold since its fall and the creek gets colder too so i dont know if we will be able to keep going and i am sad that i wont get to see the heron any more.

10/9/20 ok so i forgot to check the bird book but i have a 4 day weekend cuz colonizer day YAY but like when we come back we have to take the PSAT so that sucks

10/8/20 Oof that song from victorius is stuck in my head, (the one that tori sang for trina)

10/8/20 I have this book about differnt birds native to my area and im going to check and see if it has this heron in it.


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